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    About Fire Emblem Heroes

    The new Fire Emblem Heroes was launched by Nintendo in 2nd February 2017. It's a free to play mobile app, which needs you to use a number of strategies. In this game, the heroes of the Askran Kingdom fight Princess Veronica and the Emblian Empire, which wants to rule all the world. You (as a summoner) arrive just in time and you have to control Heroes to join the army in order to battle.

    The Gameplay

    In this game you have have a team of four characters, like warriors, arches and healing spells, and each member has its own skills, strengths and weapons and styles to attack. Each unit can move only a certain amount of squares and you need to take turns by moving your units on the board. Your goal is to try to win your opponent's die before they win you over. ; it resembles a chess game. You need to positioning your team around the board, which is full of choke points and various restrictive walls. You need also to make use of different maps, by applying distinct strategies. You have to collect Orbs, by completing various chapters in story mode. In addition, you can also select the color of your hero; blue, green or colouless. It's a simple game and you can learn it very easily. But you need to have certain strategies in order to be able to master in Fire Emblem. The first levels are more easily, but as you move on to more advanced levels, the game becomes more difficult .For example, once you go through the first few chapters in Story Maps, you have to unlock other kind of mdes, like Arena Duela, Special Maps, Training Tower and many more. When you move towards chapters 6 and 7, you game time can be severly limited due to the increasing number of units requires. Remember also that every battle you have to fight, it takes some of your energy. Keep in mind, though, that once you lose your energy, you need to wait to refill it (which usually takes around four hours) or you need to use some premium currency, in order to be able to move on with your game.

    Graphics & Design

    The graphics of this game are simple, but also very impressive. The animination and sound of this game are absolutely incredible. sound design are great. Fire Emblem Heroes ultimately works as well as it does as a mobile title and this is mainly because it has a casual-friendly design. While the special mechanics of this amazing game are straightforward, it focuses on depth through combat and various character collection. Protection Status